Masseria " Le Celline "
         Masseria " Le Celline "

"Le Celline"

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Masseria "Le celline"

S.P. 261

Corano - Nardò

+39 392 /9177209

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Our company

Masseria "Le Celline" produces the extra virgin olive from  “ Dop Terra D'Otranto” organic olives.
The company has extensive fields located in the land of Otranto with olive groves that are treated and nourished in accordance with the Bio regulations. The company has its own mill so the freshly picked olives are immediately pressed for oil extraction. The following storage takes place in stainless steel tanks , then the bottling. All these delicate opetations are  carried out in the same company premises in order to avoid that the product may be subjected to variations of  temperature and sunlight

The olive grove

The olive mil