Masseria " Le Celline "
         Masseria " Le Celline "

"Le Celline"

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Masseria "Le celline"

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Our olive groves

Organic olive groves: in our olive groves pesticides are not used. The care and management of the plants is carried out with natural methods.

The olive harvest

Our company makes an early harvest that decreases the quantity of the oil produced but ensures superior quality. Moreover, the most advanced mechanical techniques are used for shaking and harvesting: the "inverted umbrella" cloth in which the fruit fall, prevents the olives to make contact with the ground, which would cause acidity to the product. This system considerably reduces the collection time and allows the product to be grinded within 3 hours from the detachment of the olive from the plant, thus ensuring the maximum preservation of theorganoleptic qualities of the products.

the milling of the olives

Sorting and washing: separation of the olives from the leaves twigs, washing from atmosperic dust.

Crushing: breaking of the pit and of the fruits

Grinding: mixing the olive dough in three phases until the oil is delivered
Oil extraction:  through a horizontal centrifugal decanter witch separates oil from pomace and water

Oil extraction:  through a horizontal centrifugal decanter witch separates oil from pomace and water.
Sorting and washing: the olives immediately after harvesting are sorted by a rotating and vibrating machine that separates them from the leaves.
They are then washed in cold water and sorted on vibrating grids to remove water and the remaining impurities


Crushing: the olives go under the breaking process with rotating blades in our crusher with a special variable speed technology in order to obtain a fine crushing without the powdering of the core which would alter the characteristics of the oil.

Grinding: The paste obtained in this process is passes through the three kneading tanks, where through the mixture, the oil emerges and it is then ready for separation.

Oil extraction: The pasta thus processed is introduced into a horizontal centrifuge decanter which allows the separation of the oil from the pomace and from the water. This method of oil extraction from the center of the horizontal centrifuge does not overheat the oil itself and keeps it at room temperature.
The oil thus collected and milled according to this procedure maintains and develops all the organoleptic substances of the different qualities of olives.
In this way a high level organic and natural product is obtained