Masseria " Le Celline "
         Masseria " Le Celline "

"Le Celline"

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Masseria "Le celline"

S.P. 261

Corano - Nardò

+39 0833 1808056

+39 392 9177209





Cancellation policy reservations

Booking: bank transfer 30% .50% of the total amount of the stay. The customer loses the deposit when not following the reservation and does not show up at the property to occupy the premises assigned to him.In the event of late arrival in respect of the date stated in the reservation, the customer is required to pay the total amount of the services reserved and reserved to him.In case of cancellation not later than 60 days before arrival date, the deposit / deposit will be fully repaid with deductible reimbursement expenses of a maximum of € 25.00.In the event of notice of termination with at least 15 days in advance on the expected date of arrival the deposit may be recovered by the customer within the calendar year from the cancellation with a stay of the same duration to be agreed with the owner of the facility.For cancellations subsequently communicated the deposit will be fully deducted.If the above mentioned methods are not observed, the penalty corresponds to the advance paid as a deposit.In case of early departure the full cost (100%) of the booked stay must be paid